Land Healing Reiki Session

$111.00 (all prices are in USD) 30 minutes

Reiki can be used to clear space. One can experience peace and harmony in their home, business, or land when negative, discordant energies, spirit attachments are released.

During the session, Purnima will connect with the land and will channel Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® to clear any attachments to the land. After the healing, she will record a voice note and share it with you.

This session is done remotely and can be done for any space anywhere in the world. Full address of the place / land must be shared in the booking note or emailed to Purnima at [email protected]

Love and Light!


Land Healing Testimonial
Since Covid has kept us in our houses more than ever, my highly sensitive kids began telling me that they felt different being in our house all the time and my younger son began telling me what he saw in certain parts of the house.  I began remembering instances years before I had my kids and when my kids were young that I felt the need to look into someone to come to do a house clearing but I did not truly trust my gut feeling to make it a priority.  I looked around for people in my area to come in and perform a clearing.  I was not able to find anyone that resonated with me. I heard about Purnima’s land healing ceremony…right away I loved the idea of healing the land!  It seemed so much more connected to the bigger picture of the universe. Purnima and I worked together, and I am so grateful for this experience!  My youngest has been able to really feel the difference…he told me he feels so much lighter but not skinnier 🙂 I would highly recommend this service if you have ever had the gut feeling that you may need it.