Solo Reiki Sessions

“I am so grateful to have found Purnima. Even though I’m in Greece and she’s in Canada, I could feel her working on me and could feel energy and light moving through my body. It was like my soul had a bubble bath. Her insights after were also so in tune and spot-on. I don’t always trust my intuition, but she validated so many things for me, giving me a renewed sense of connection to the divine, trust in myself, and excitement for what’s to come. I can’t wait to gift sessions for my family! Again, thank you!”
– Emmy L.

“As I sat by the ocean receiving distance Reiki from Purnima a bald eagle flew by along the beach. I took this as a sign of course. My session was comforting and relaxing like a warm hug. I felt lighter afterward. I went into the meditative state that Reiki can provide and when my session ended, I was refreshed and alert. Purnima passed on messaged that she received for me and some tips and tricks to implement additional healing. She has generous, warm energy, and I grateful to have received Reiki from her.”
– Catherine M.

“My daughter and I received distance reiki from Purnima. During the session, my legs started to feel like someone had poured warm liquid into my body that was filling up, starting at my feet and moving. It felt sort of tingly, it lasted through the night and I feel different today. My daughter slept through the whole night. It was completely unlike her. Normally she just flails about and complains with the most painful sounds and nurses nonstop. Her body was so open and her limbs out instead of her usual posture and I felt the same way. I cannot Thank you enough! That was incredible.”
– Mother and Daughter From Texas

“Thank you very much for the wonderful Reiki session. As soon as I closed my eyes, I felt an expansion in my crown chakra and felt that I could see you with my third eye sending blue and purple light energy streaks over me and I felt my third eye throbbing. I have the feeling that something has been healed within me, past live experiences where I had been kept small, repressed as a woman, unable to tap into my full potential, my inner gifts, enabling me now to clear the way for me to step into my full power, of being seen and heard, fearlessly to tap into my inner wisdom and share my inner gifts with the world. Towards the end of the session I saw Archangel Michael in giant form before me in beautiful light. This session leaves me feeling very grounded, peaceful and calm. Thank you very much for the channeled voice message and also the exercises/meditations you recommended.”
– X.S.

“What I received in a session with Purnima was far beyond Reiki. Yes, I felt supported and connected with her throughout the session, but there was more to it that I can’t really explain with words. Purnima carried a steady and confident energy that made me trust her and her work completely. I felt safe and well cared for. What I love the most about the session is Purnima’s voice clip after the session. She took her time sharing what she received and felt during the session. Listening to her message was like receiving a love message from the divine. I highly recommend working with her.”
– Benz A.

“Thank you so much for the beautiful distance reiki healing. You literally hit everything on the head. My clairsentience was off the charts. Electricity pulsing through my legs. Warmth in heart. Jumping in my solar plexus. Extreme pressure in my jaw and radiating towards my 3rd eye. First time I saw such vivid colours in my 3rd eye. Muffled ear upon beginning and then I felt a clearing out of my ears, felt like this was opening up my clairaudience. Beautiful.”
– Tiffany T.

“Thank you so much for the session. I felt quite a lot of sensation. I had a couple of very strong waves coming from my feet up. I had sort of pain in my stomach and also my head, my head was a little fuzzy after the session. During the session I had an urge to open my eyes and I was facing a white wall and it was vibrating. I kept looking at it and it was vibrating and when I kept looking, I saw yellow and purple waves. Also, my fingers kept twitching and towards the end they were really tingling with needles. Regarding what you felt. I found it very accurate. Thank you so so much Purnima. I will have to process it and think about all what you said and look forward to connecting with you again. With lots of love and warm greetings!”
– Aija

“I’d been feeling anxious and as soon as you connected to me, I felt a huge wave of peace come over my mind and my whole body. I could smell you so strongly and it felt like I was getting a big warm hug from you. It felt so nice and comforting. I felt like I was standing under big bright flashing white lights – even though I was sitting in the dark. I also felt warm energy flowing out through both of my hands. I’ve been feeling so hot all day but after you connected to me my body felt really cool suddenly like I was sitting in an AC room. Then I felt different parts of my body get warm in turn. It felt as though a warm liquid was being poured over different parts of me slowly. I started crying suddenly and when the tears stopped it felt like a big burden had been lifted from my chest. The back of my head felt a dull achy kind of pain and still feels that way a little bit. I also had 2 very distinct heart palpitations and I became very aware of my heartbeat in my throat. My heartbeat was kind of fast and uncomfortable after that for some time but then slowed down towards the end. That was the first time in years that my mind felt so peaceful and quiet. I don’t remember the last time I felt this much peace and stillness.”
– That was really powerful. Thank you 🤗❤️✨

“I want to first thank you so much for the beautiful Reiki I received! I felt the connection with you once the resistance was cleared. I found it difficult to let go to begin with and was unsure of what it would feel like and was in my head. Once I let go, I received the most cleansing healing. I’ve felt so much anger and negative emotions for the last month or so and now feel so much clearer and more released. There are many things that I saw and felt that I need to sit with. I look forward to more Reiki in the future. Thank you so much again.”
– Sara

“Listening to your voice, I felt very connected to you and very safe. Your words deeply resonated, and I will continue to reflect on them into today as I’m sure I will for some time to come. I hope that we connect again and that you are well. Thank you again for sharing this sacred experience with me. Sending you all my love and gratitude,”
– Faryn

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for my first 1:1 reiki session. I have experienced the new moon and full moon global reiki session from you, and they were both great but the 1:1 took it to a whole new level. I was guided to take reiki level 1-3 without ever trying it and I was just waiting for the right person to experience it with and I was guided to you. I felt everything in my body that you expressed in the recording and I am still feeling light and a great sense of peace and ease so thank you. The message also resonated. I feel that this session will be extremely helpful. You are truly gifted, and I thank you so much for your time and sharing your gifts. “
– Mel

animal Reiki Sessions

“Purnima did 20 minutes of distance reiki on my cat, Feesh, and a few minutes after she got up and ate for the first time all day. Now she’s awake and seems so much more alert.”
– Ashley Wood

“We were in the midst of a move, and one of my cats, Stevie, started becoming more anxious – going to the bathroom outside of her litter box, fighting more with the other cats, just generally super unsettled. Purnima treated Stevie via distance reiki, and after the first session, sent a very thorough voice note explaining that she felt, and worked on removing, an entity from Stevie. Immediately, we noticed improvements in Stevie’s behaviors – she resumed using her litter box appropriately, had way less fights with the other cats, and was way more settled. Purnima worked on Stevie a second time, and we noticed she was even more settled, cuddly and relaxed after her second reiki session. Thank you so much, Purnima, for your powerful energy healing work. I am so thankful that your reiki has helped Stevie through this move 🤍”
– Tanya N.

“Thank you so much for the Reiki session for my dog. She was completely relaxed during the session. After the session I went to pet her like I usually do, and she stretched out and rolled on to her back for a belly rub. This is something she hasn’t been able to do in the last couple of months.”

“Thank you so much for the Reiki. As soon as the session started, Nova feel into a deep sleep and began twitching. Mostly, her eyes twitched and rolled towards the bac of her head, confirming that se had some tension up there. After about 15 minutes she opened her eyes, rolled on her side and relaxed. I will definitely get some selenite to help clear her aura.”

“Thank you so much for the sound file feedback on your reiki session with Milton! I have waited some time to respond to see his behaviour. I CAN see a change towards more happiness and security in his behaviour. And also, he doesn’t have bad breath anymore. Maybe you have healed his gums, or he experiences less stress and less acid reflux from his tummy? I will check up his teeth in his vet appointment in July for more joint pain pills. I wish a happy loveful peaceful summer and thankyou again!”
– Milton and Linda

land healing Sessions

“Since Covid has kept us in our houses more than ever, my highly sensitive kids began telling me that they felt different being in our house all the time and my younger son began telling me what he saw in certain parts of the house. I began remembering instances years before I had my kids and when my kids were young, I felt the need to look into someone to come to do a house clearing but I did not truly trust my gut feeling to make it a priority. I looked around for people in my area to come in and perform a clearing. I was not able to find anyone that resonated with me.

I heard about Purnima’s land healing ceremony…right away I loved the idea of healing the land! It seemed so much more connected to the bigger picture of the universe. Purnima and I worked together, and I am so grateful for this experience! My youngest has been able to really feel the difference… he told me he feels so much lighter but not skinnier 🙂 I would highly recommend this service if you have ever had the gut feeling that you may need it. Thanks!”
– Tara O.


“It’s incredible how intensely I felt it! Although I was a full day ahead of your healing session. (I live in Sydney, Australia 😅). I checked the world clock and everything to match to the CDT time, but forgot that we are a day ahead of you here in Australia! Thank you! 🙏🏻✨”

“This session was so incredibly Beautiful! I felt more peace than I think I have ever felt in this lifetime. It was magical. I am full of gratitude for you, for this healing experience, and for this life. You have such a gift.”

“It was night for me when the cession took place. Around 3 am (beginning of the cession) I woke up briefly & felt a very intense heat in my belly. I have never felt such energy before. In half-sleep, I whispered, “Thank you Purnima” and went back to sleep. This morning I feel so well and so serene. I had a surgery on my belly one month ago and I am sure that the energy needed to flow again. Thank you so much Purnima for this wonderful experience!”

“POWERFUL!!! Thank you so much @purnima_chaudhari!!! A HUGE insight came through to me that feels quite literally life changing. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your healing energy with us. I entered a deep meditative state twice and felt warmth in my heart chakra so much, so I had my hands over my heart most of the time. I know I was receiving many visual messages.”
– Laura

“This was my first full moon group healing. I was asleep at the time as I am in Athens, Greece. What I felt was tingling through my whole body, whereas in our distance session together I felt tingling from my knees down and from my elbows down. After I was really cold. I had shivers which lasted some time. Lastly, I saw white light. Something bright. Thank you for your group healing.”
– Vivian

“Thank you for all the messages. I did the full moon group healing yesterday. So, for the first time, I was unable to join at the 6pm PST time, I was doing a lot of things and feeling rushed. So, I decided to do it later at night and it felt as always, as if you were doing it just then. Time really does not affect this at all. It is incredible. I am now signed up for both new and full moon for the whole year. I feel like I need to do this. You asked me how the group experience was vs the solo. So, I had done a few group moon healings before I signed up for the solo. And they were lovely, though I felt it subtly. After the solo, the next new moon healing I thought I felt way more strong energy and it was a more intense experience, maybe coz my chakras were more attuned now. I definitely felt a major difference in the before and after my solo. Same for yesterday, felt some strong energy waves and at one point, suddenly my mouth just relaxed, like I did not even know it wasn’t relaxed. But it went completely lax, just like when you suddenly take off a tight belt and you feel a release. Crazy. Not sure what it means but I hope it meant I released some serious negative things I no longer needed in my life. I did the burning ritual beforehand very intently.”
– Misty C.

“I was a bit late, 6 or 7 minutes. As soon as I laid down, I started feeling tingles in the sole of my feet and a heat coming up from my feet and down from my head. It ended up being as if both energies were meeting mid-body. I ended up quickly sweaty due to the heat and I don’t sweat easily even when it’s hot. The experience wasn’t very visual or anything, apart from purple waves coming from the right to the left. It lasted a good 20 minutes after the end of the session, and it ended up with the impression that all this energy was going out from my feet, the purple waves being replaced by darkness. Quite an interesting experience in terms of energy.”
– Beatrice

REIKI Level I & II Course

“The online Reiki 1& II course with Purnima was truly one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had. I always felt called to learn more about Reiki and the universe delivered Purnima and this course to me with such ease and divine timing. Purnima is such a loving force and her genuine love and respect for reiki is a beautiful thing to see and feel. I love that the online course was kept to a smaller group – it felt very cozy and we were able to get plenty of practice with other members of the class. Purnima gave great visual examples and shared amazing stories about her experiences with reiki. Her method of teaching is gentle yet powerful and rooted in a deep respect for this work. I am honored to have learned from such a knowledgeable and aligned teacher!”
– Amanda

“I had been contemplating learning Reiki for a couple of years, but it always remained a thought. I’m not sure if the reason was that I didn’t really believe that I was “capable” of doing something like that or that I just never found the right teacher to inspire me to take action. However, as I have had amazing sessions with Purnima, it was not even a question of “if,” but rather of “when.” So, when she announced that she was teaching Reiki online, it was an immediate “Yes!” in my mind. Even though I live on another continent, I knew that I had found the right teacher in Purnima. I loved the training. It’s so apparent that Purnima is living out her purpose and delivers the information in such a supportive, loving, and warm way. The whole experience was very powerful, and I’m so happy I invested in myself and a healing modality that will only enrichen my life and the lives of those around me.”
– Emmy L.

“The Reiki I & II course taught by Purnima Chaudhari is one of the best courses I’ve ever taken! Not only do you learn the history of Reiki and how to heal through Reiki, but you actually get to practice these techniques in class which is so useful and powerful! Purnima is an amazing teacher – wise, patient, and kind amongst other things – and it was such a joy and honour to learn from her. I cannot recommend this course enough – it is a valuable investment in yourself as the knowledge and healing techniques you learn can be applied to all facets of life and stay with you for life!”
– Shalaka G.

“All aspects of the training were covered very thoroughly, respecting the integrity and history of Usui Reiki. Purnima is an experienced trainer and reiki practitioner. She’s very encouraging, genuine and compassionate. She’s well prepared and communicated prior to the workshop requirements. She naturally moderates the flow and needs of the group. Lots of opportunities to share. She’s perfected the workshop with breaks and a nice variety of teachings, asking questions, meditations and sharing to create a balanced experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the online experience.” – Margret Dusecina

“Purnima creates a beautiful safe space for learning, healing, and growing. I have taken a lot of courses and training in the last few years and this would be my number one recommendation. I love how the teaching is foundational and you are encouraged to listen to your instincts on how to cultivate your own unique practice. This is such an empowering course to aid in your self-healing journey. Anytime you need support you are able to now support yourself. Purnima also offers so much support for her students after class is finished including Reiki Share Circles and Full Moon and New Moon Group Reiki Sessions. We can all come together to heal and spread light in this world. For all of these reasons I feel that this training is absolutely priceless.”
– Tara O.

“The Reiki I and II course was a life changing experience. I felt after as though a veil of the illusion of reality was removed and I could see things for more how they truly are. I added the self-healing techniques to my morning routine and have noticed it has enhanced my yoga practice allowing my energy to flow more easily through my body. Very grateful for Purnima’s guidance and wisdom. I would recommend this course for anyone who is ready to upgrade and expand their consciousness and go beyond the material world.”
– Jag

“I am so grateful to have found Purnima. I have had the privilege of experiencing several of her new moon/full moon reiki circles, personal 1:1 distant reiki sessions, as well as my cat received great insight and healing from his session, and I have completed the Holy fire reiki level 1&2 training. She is an extremely gifted intuitive Reiki Master teacher. Her graceful, loving, compassionate, peaceful, and present demeanor makes learning from her enjoyable, fun, and easy. Being in her presence is truly inspiring. She goes above and beyond what is required of her, and she  shares so much additional knowledge that I left the course with not only so much support but a lot of extra tools in my pocket. I look forward to continuing working and learning from Purnima in the future. She is a true gem.”
– Danielle Valley

“Everything happens for a reason. I wouldn’t have even imagined taking Reiki classes to become a Reiki practitioner just three months ago. I have received energy healings and chakra cleansings for years, but I had never tried Reiki before the end of July. At the beginning of July, I began being interested in star seeds and read a lot about it. I ended up reading about the Akashic records and heard about Ashley Wood (@alnwithin). I bought some of her courses and started following her on Instagram. That’s how I heard for the first time of Purnima: Ashley just had a distance Reiki session with her and posted about it. Curious, I checked Purnima’s Instagram account, started following her and ended up booking a distance Reiki session at the very end of July. The experience was extraordinary, nothing compared to whatever I could have experienced before with energy healing sessions. When I heard about her classes, I hesitated a little. Was it really for me? A friend had told me the day before that it was time to take action in life. That’s what I did. I had nothing to lose so I messaged Purnima two days before the beginning of the course. There was one spot left, I saw it as a sign and took a leap of faith. On August 19th, I decided to join the course that was starting on the 21st. I must say that I didn’t regret a single second my choice. It was such a great experience to share the Reiki I and II courses with the other students. Purnima is an amazing teacher who shares with kindness her knowledge. I’m really grateful to have found her on my path. She’s an incredible human being and a beautiful soul. Purnima has changed my life for the best and made me want to discover more. I can’t wait to take her Reiki Master course in November and learn more. I know it’s just the beginning of the road. And I couldn’t have a more inspirational teacher! Thank you so much Purnima!!!”
– Beatrice C.

“Purnima’s workshop more than fulfilled my expectations. My mind is blown by the possibilities of what I can do with Reiki. I am only upset I did not do this sooner. She answered every question simply and clearly. She had a lot of extra input to give us from her vast experience. Her many stories were insightful and interesting and gave us hope and faith that we too, someday soon, can truly help people heal. We got to practice one on one and as a group. I think my most positive experience in the class was channeling Reiki to a fellow student for the first time and actually getting the feedback that she did feel something. It was immediate validation and very reassuring for me that this really does work and that I can do it, and not something that will come to me over a period of 6 months of practice etc. It was a tremendous boost to my self-confidence. I know that I can begin helping right away and will only get better with each practice.”
– Misty

“Thank you so much Purnima! I loved taking your Reiki I and II class with the addition of the new symbol. Your class  and teaching style was such a nice addition to my former Reiki classes. I learned so much from you even though I  had already studied Holy Fire® III Reiki. Your passion and love for Reiki is very evident and translates so well through  the classes you teach. Thank you for continuing to share your powerful healing with the world!”
– Nina Davenport

“I have been working as an energy healer for 8 years and an art psychotherapist for 20 years. It is rare for me to find a course that truly enhances my professional services as well as supporting my spiritual and personal growth.  Purnima’s course did all of this and more! In connecting with Purnima through her reiki moon circles during 2020, I felt her energy was so special, so clear, and so powerful that I wanted to complete her reiki training, which is now  conveniently offered online as I am in Boulder, CO in the states. Purnima models and teaches how to honor the reiki energy with respect for the lineage and the process while also bringing in current energetics and holding space for all the participants to connect with the teachings in their own way and in their own time. Since becoming attuned  just a couple of weeks ago, my long-standing clients have been blown away by the higher frequencies I am able to work with in supporting them, and some of them are hoping to take Purnima’s class in the near future after these healing experiences. On a personal level, I also experienced beautiful and healing visions and channeled guidance during the meditations offered during the course. I highly recommend Purnima’s course to anyone seeking spiritual growth, healing, or enhancement of professional services.”
– Amy Lynn


“If you are ready to take your Reiki practice to the next level, I can’t recommend the Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master class with Purnima enough. She is a true Master that guides you with such clear loving energy and a huge wealth of knowledge. The 3-day online course was transformational for me and I constantly feel the Holy Fire energy weaving into every aspect of my life and practice. I now feel the confidence to teach my own classes! Thank you, Purnima, for continuing to be a guide and mentor as my path continues to unfold.”
– Aloha Nui Loa, Laura

“There was an unknown influence that propelled me towards taking the Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master teachings from Purnima. Following my intuition, I completed the certification and ever since I’ve felt this urge to spread the light of love on a deeper level. Purnima is a master of not only the Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® but also of living a peaceful life. Her love for Mother Earth and her people is pure. She is one genuine human being. I’m forever in gratitude for this gift.”
– Jenny L. Dupas (Spirit Keeper)
Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master

“Prelude to taking Holy Fire 3 Karuna Reiki Master training: There was a time when I would be humming or singing to Alicia Keys hit song – This Girl is on Fire. At the time I didn’t know why this song kept coming my way. Another majical sign was hearing Purnima’s name and the Reiki training and when my friend Jen said the Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master that was it – my calling to take the training. Also spirit whispered that I was going to update my energy systems. Taking Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master training was the answer to all my MajiCal signs – not only was my energy systems upgraded; my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies were able to release unhidden trauma from this lifetime and probably other lifetimes. I was bathed and nurtured in Holy Fire energies way beyond what I anticipated or imagined. A week later, I feel so connected and in tune with God, Universe, Spirit, Angels and most of all ME.”
– Marlene

I purposely spell MaJiCal with a j as it represents my initials!

“I have taken Purnima’s levels I/II, Usui Holy Fire Master, and Karuna Master reiki courses. She is the most beautiful teacher, and her courses have been such healing experiences for me. I took the courses over the course of a year, and looking back to a year ago, I cannot believe the profound shift I have experienced. The courses are not just about learning reiki. They are healing experiences that have brought me into deeper connection with my true self and divinity. I have shifted so much more into alignment with my authentic self and inner being, which has been the greatest blessing. I hold so much gratitude to Purnima for facilitating this transformation through her courses and teachings. She truly embodies the reiki energy, and I could not have asked for a better teacher.“ – Jaimie Gibbons


“My Dearest Purnima, thank you for opening such an incredible door for me. I am so grateful for having been led to you, because your teachings, your support and beautiful, comforting presence is absolutely what my soul needed to continue my Reiki journey. The experiences have been so profound, I have found so much healing in them. I cannot thank you enough for the amazing way you hold us within such a loving, supportive container in which it feels safe to be vulnerable, without judgement and complete compassion. Thank you for showing me the way and walking this beautiful path with me.” -Juana Gutierrez

“This class came in the midst of internal change, and I needed direction to align to my highest truth. It is happening now, and I am forever grateful to Purnima for shining a light that needed to be seen.” – Susan Cavanagh

“This class was not only informative, but also very healing and transformative in my Reiki journey. I’m able to connect with Purnima and other like-minded people, which feels like a Reiki community developed during these classes. I love Purnima’s way of teaching Reiki. It feels laid back and informative. The class didn’t feel rushed since it was over 3 days, which is also giving us time to integrate and rest in between. All of her classes have catapulted my spiritual journey and now I can use my gift to help others. I cannot thank you enough for everything! THANK YOU Purnima.” – Thuy Bac- Louangsaphakdy

“Completing the Usui/Holy Fire III/ New Earth Reiki Master training with Purnima surpassed my expectations, even as a returning student. Purnima is an expansive teacher, who guides her students with compassion, encouragement and an incredible depth of experience. In addition to her teachings, Purnima creates a cocoon of love and safety for her students, allowing for transformation to occur for all who are open to it. It has been an honor to continue my Reiki journey and unfolding with Inner Journey Reiki.” – Nicole Griffith