Quantum Healing Session for Pets

$111.00 (all prices are in USD) 45 minutes

Send me your pet’s name, and species in the notes during checkout, or email me at [email protected] after purchase.

Animal Reiki session includes the primary human caregiver. Animal Reiki is a wonderful complementary treatment for Veterinary care and other therapies. Our animals and pets give us so much unconditional love. They bring so much joy and pure energy into our homes and also into our world.

Animals love Reiki. I have yet to experience an animal refusing to receive Reiki. Animal Reiki sessions can be booked for dogs, cats, horses, farm animals, birds, and all other kinds of pets.
Our furry friends are here to play a very important part in our lives. Our pets’ behavior is a reflection of our vibrational frequency. Behaviors like barking, jumping, housebreaking issues, not getting along with other pets, and separation anxiety, are ways our furry friends draw attention to areas in our lives where we may be experiencing a similar vibration.

Our animals teach us how to love unconditionally. When we interact with our pets, we do so from a place of love and oneness. There is no separation or hierarchy.
By observing our animal teachers, we can tap into our shadows and connect more deeply with ourselves.


  • Guided meditation – 15 minutes
  • Reiki channelling – 20 minutes
  • Journaling/recording the experience and guidance received – 10 minutes

Upon purchase, you will receive a note with pre-session instructions.
Love and Light!