Quantum Reiki Session

$155.00 (all prices are in USD) 60 minutes

During the Quantum Reiki session, I connect with you remotely in the Quantum Field and channel the powerful Holy Fire® III World Peace Reiki, Karuna Reiki® and New Earth Reiki to you. No technology is used for this session.

Reiki enhances the immune system and accelerates the body’s innate healing ability. It works in concert with other therapies and is a wonderful complement to other therapies.

Upon purchase, you will receive a note with pre-session instructions.


  • Guided meditation – 15 minutes
  • Reiki channeling – 30 minutes
  • Journaling/recording the experience and guidance received – 15 minutes


  • You may feel deeply relaxed.
  • Your breathing pattern may change.
  • Your body may feel heavy, sinking into your bed/chair, or it may feel light with a floating sensation.
  • You may experience twitching or involuntary movements.
  • You may see colours, visions, or hear messages.

I look forward to connecting with you in the Field!
Love and Light!