Reiki Glossary

Anshin Ritsumei  (Pronounced as on sheen dit sue may) 

A state of being in which one is always at peace regardless of what is happening in the outside world and while in this state to accomplish one’s life purpose.


The negative energy generated by the source of disease.

Byosen Scan 

The Reiki technique to sense hibiki by palms and then send Reiki through the palms.

Dento Reiki

The traditional system of Reiki taught be Usui Sensei.


To join palms together, thumbs touching the heart chakra. This is the first pillar of Reiki. We activate Reiki, pray and set the intention for the healing with Gassho.


The five Reiki principles taught by Usui Sensei to invite health and happiness. 

Kyo dake wa – Just for today
Okolu-na – Don’t get angry
Shinpai suna – Don’t worry
Kansha shite – Be grateful
Goo hage me – Work hard
Hito ni shinsetsu ni – Be kind to others


Sending Reiki with the eyes.


The feelings or sensations the healer feels while sensing Byosen with the hands.


The energy that has become negative because of stagnation or other reasons like negative emotions such as hatred or anger.


Ken means dry and yoku means bathing. Kenyoku is a technique to purify the body and mind with Reiki instead of water.


Healing technique to blow Reiki over the area of Byosen.


Strong desire or will. Nen is ego based, hence Reiki healers are taught not to use it while healing.


This is the second pillar of Reiki. It means indication of the Spirit. It is the technique to let Reiki guide one’s hands to the Byosen areas.

Reiki – Rei means spiritual wisdom and ki means life force energy. Reiki means spiritually guided energy. Reiki is the energy that has been present before the beginning of the universe and it permeates the whole creation. The life force energy is guided by the highest level of consciousness. 


It means healing therapy.


To be one with the Universe by going beyond the mind and emotions and to see through the true nature of things.


Tanden is an energy centre in the lower abdomen. According to Dento Reiki, it is located three-finger widths below the navel. 

Usui Reiki Ryoho

Dr. Mikao Usui, reverently known as Usui Sensei (1865 – 1926), established this system of Reiki, known as Usui Reiki Ryoho or Usui Shiki Reiki. It is the pathway to health and happiness. It starts with hands-on healing, ultimately aimed towards reaching the state of Ansin ritsumei.

Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai

The group that was founded by Usui Sensei in 1922. It has continued to practice his teachings. 

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