ICRT Animal Reiki I & II

ICRT Animal Reiki I & II

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Animal Reiki I & II is a two-day course that includes two Animal Reiki Placements (Attunements). This comprehensive training is for those who feel called to share Reiki with animals of all species.

The Animal Reiki energy received in this course is a unique Reiki energy given to us as a special life force energy from the Divine Animal Kingdom for the animals.  The Placements given in the ICRT Animal Reiki I & II class will attune and unify the Animal Reiki symbol with each student’s existing Reiki energy and symbols and allow the practitioner to channel the Animal Reiki energy.

Upcoming Courses: 

👉Animal Reiki Level I & II - July 29-30th

Prerequisite – Registrant must have Reiki Level II or higher from any lineage.

Time: 10:00am CST - 7:30pm CST

What does the course include?

The Animal Reiki I & II course includes practitioner skills, tools, and techniques needed to share Reiki with the animals. You will become a qualified Animal Reiki Practitioner.

The information and techniques for both levels include:

  • The ICRT Animal Reiki I & II Manual
  • The history of ICRT Animal Reiki.
  • Animal Reiki defined and discussion of priorities for animals.
  • The Animal Reiki symbol.
  • Animal Reiki I & II Placements.
  • Animal Reiki techniques for in-person and distant sessions, including preparation exercises and healing techniques. 
  • Review of common healing issues for animals, including behavioral problems, loneliness, grief, illness, compassion fatigue, and end of life.
  • Balancing empathy and compassion, compassion fatigue and practitioner self-care, and end-of-life support, whether natural death or compassionate euthanasia.
  • Practice time working with animals in person and online.
  • Review of how to create a thriving Animal Reiki practice, including volunteer work with zoos or wildlife rehab facilities, animal shelters, therapy animal organizations, and animal sanctuaries.
  • A class certificate.

Upon purchase, you will receive a note with pre-session instructions in your order confirmation email.

I will be honoured to walk this journey with you.

Love and Light!